We are all gearing up for the end of the school year here at Paddock.  Some students learned about poster design and helped me by making posters of art class rules and things we do in art to be hung in the art room.  2nd graders will be 3rd graders at Symons next year, so they had to pass down their wisdom to the upcoming 2nd graders.  1st graders will be our oldest students next year, so they had to pass down their wisdom to next year's first graders (1st grade is the first year students at Paddock come to art). 
Also, each class gets a special last day in art.  Students get to choose their materials to create an artwork of their choice.  They also get to sit wherever they want.  If you want a young student to be happy, let them choose their seat!  We are also playing an art game and doing some more fun things on the last day of art.
I will miss all the students over the summer!  What a great first year of teaching.  There is no better place than Paddock!



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