Now that we've been back in school for a week, its time to write.  I've enjoyed meeting all the new first graders who have come to art for the first time this week.  Also, seeing last year's first graders in my second grade art classes makes me very happy.  They all remember, "Give me 5" and "Mr. Brush".  It has been fun getting to know everyone again.
Thank you to all the parents and students who stopped by to say hello during open house.  Also, a special thanks to this years third graders who stopped by to update me on their lives at Symons.  They will be learning a lot from Mrs. Barney in art this year.
Check back for updates on what we're doing in art class this year.  I hope to be better with posting pictures! 
I can't wait to see all the art created by the students of Paddock this year!


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