1/19/2009 11:56:46



Kids love painting!  I love seeing the students enjoy learning about art.  The second graders are very impressed by tints and are having a blast mixing them.  A tint is a hue (color) mixed with white.  Tints often make colors appear brighter.  A "famous" tint with its very own name is pink.  This week I will teach the second graders about shades.  A shade is a hue (color) mixed with black.  I am expecting them to be just as impressed with shades.
The first graders started painting using cool colors.  They love painting large areas of blues, purples and greens on their big bugs!  This week we will start with warm colors: red, orange and yellow.

New Year!

1/7/2009 08:52:55



Oh, the holidays!  What busy times they were!
Students in first grade are starting large paintings where they will explore line and cool colors.  Students in second grade are starting paintings where they will learn about tints and shades, explore foreground, background and perspective as well as explore the things that make them feel safe.  These are sure to be some great looking paintings!
Please remember- we have smocks in the art room, but you might not want to wear your favorite outfit when we paint.  Accidents can happen :)