Hi, all.  For all of you who read this blog, I apologize for being away for so long.  We have been very busy in the Paddock art room.
Students have been learning about Organic shapes, art history, 2D and 3D, actually seeing what they are seeing and many more things.  Both grade levels have been spending a lot of time with watercolor paints.  I have been stressing a full-page composition with both grades as well as painting everything in an artwork and not leaving blank paper.
1st grade students most recently have been doing watercolor illustrations to poems by Califf Brown.  2nd grade students have been working on watercolor "pop-up" paintings.  These are a 2D artwork that give the impression of having 3D elements.  I will get some pictures up soon.
This week, all classes will be starting paper weaving.
Stay tuned for more new and pictures of "Art at Paddock".