Hi, everyone.  I'm very excited that it is almost spring!  Paddock students have been busy learning about many new things.  One project that Paddock students completed was creating some art for their community.  Students learned about Community or Public art and looked at some examples of public art in nearby communities as well as large communities such as New York City.  Then, students created a watercolor painting on a grocery bag to donate to their community.  Please stop by the Milan Kroger over the next few weeks to hopefully get a piece of Community Art created by a student for your very own!

Another community art event going on now is the annual Chase bank art show.  This is a small show, so each Milan district school is represented by only a handful of students.  However, there is great art- please check it out!  The show will be hanging at the Chase bank on Wabash until April 13th.  There will be two receptions: March 20 and April 1 from 4-6pm.  Please stop by and support Milan arts!

Students have also been learning about creating 3D projects with paper.  First grade students are exploring pop-up "technology" by creating a pop-up card or drawing.  Second grade students are making paper sculptures based around a cylinder form.  The sculpture is of a Family Tree that is really a tree.