This year all Paddock students have Writer's Workshop in their classrooms.  Students are writing stories about small moments and drawing a picture at the top of the page.  Some teachers asked me to help students learn to draw some basic things to use when drawing the pictures during Writer's Workshop.  One thing we talked about was facial expressions.  If you draw a happy face and your story says  that you were angry it doesn't make a lot of sense.  We practiced DRAWING different facial expressions but first we practiced MAKING different facial expressions.  Students sure get silly when making silly faces!  This lesson was a lot of fun.  Students also got instruction in drawing a person, a dog, a cat and a bird.  They took their "how to draw" handouts with them to keep in their Writer's Workshop folders.


Last night was the Paddock open house.  It was really fun meeting all the student's parents.  I gave out cards with my Website address on them so hopefully more Paddock students and parents will vist this site.  During open house in the art classroom parents and students listened to music about art, saw famous self-portraits projected on the screen and had the opportunity to create a portrait or self-portrait of their own.  It was a party in the art room!  I met so many people and had a great time.  Towards the end I took a break and took off my pointy shoes and ate some ice cream.  Today I am still tired!


Ten days since my last post!  Man, I must be busy!  If you are visiting my website and reading my blog I would love if you would leave a comment.  Kids, feel free to ask your parents for help!
The self portraits are turning out awesome.  A lot of students are done, but some still have some work to do.  Many of our portraits will be on display during open house this week.  Also, parents will have a chance to create their own self portraits in art class if they visit during open house!  Please visit the student art work page of this site to see some of the portraits. 
See you soon!


This week I finally met all of the students for the first time.  Some classes still had to learn rules and procedures.  However, starting Wednesday we started new projects.  All of the students are exploring identity and asking themselves the question, "Who am I?".  We are exploring that this week by starting mixed-media self-portraits.   Students watch a PowerPoint presentation of famous self portraits by artists such as, VanGogh, Renoir, Yoshimoto Nara and Jacob Lawrence.  We discuss what a self-portrait is and aspects of portraits in general.  Then we read "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz and discuss color and skin color.  After that we discuss what shapes are used for a face, shoulders and a neck.  Second graders are completing self-portraits with more detail while first graders are starting with a face and a waving hand.  Second graders also have a written assignment to complete as homework where they think about the question, "Who am I?" and come up with some words to describe themselves.
This should be an educational lesson for them and it already looks great!  Check up in a week or two on the "Student Art" page to see examples.


Yesterday was the first day of school.  I only teach art in the afternoon and it was a half day so I did not have any art classes.  However, I did get to meet a kindergarten class as I help in the library once a day.  Today I had my first three art classes.  What cool kids go to Paddock!  Man, am I a lucky teacher or what?  I can't imagine a better place to work!  We didn't get to do much art today because there was so much to talk about.  We spent some time getting to know each other and we talked about art class rules, give me 5 (good listening skills) and took a tour of the art room.  Then, we colored our folders.  At the end of class we cleaned up to the Clean Up Anthem by Greg Percy.  I had a fun day today in art class, I hope all the students did too!