Students have been spending the last few weeks finishing their paintings, learning about Mama Wangari of  Africa, and creating their own pottery out of terracotta clay.
Students have really enjoyed exploring the possibilities of clay.  First graders learned about clay and pottery from three different continents.  We talked about why ancient cultures made pottery and looked at a PowerPoint of different pottery from around the world.  First graders noticed how the designs were made on the vessels and created their own pinch pots with carved designs.
Second graders learned about animal effigy's.  In ancient cultures, potters would often make functional pottery to look like an animal.  Usually, they would choose an animal that had the characteristics of the person they were making it for.  An example is that kings often had pottery made for them that looked like jaguars (power and strength).  Second graders also learned how to roll a slab of clay and attach clay to itself by scoring and adding water to make slip (what I like to call, "clay glue").
These pots should be amazing.  They should be going home within the next few weeks.
Please check out the new video on the video page that shows a master potter from San Marcos refining clay and creating a pot.

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