There's a lot to tell  you about art at Paddock since my last post! 
Students learned about geometric and organic shapes (go ahead, ask them the difference), Henri Matisse and how to cut curvy shapes!  Some students also learned about positive and negative space and the Japanese design concept of Notan (light and dark).  Paddock students are very smart.  When we took a visual quiz on geometric and organic shapes all the students knew the difference!  The finished artworks are super cool!

Students also learned about how light effects color.  We looked at a friends shirt or pants with the lights on and the lights off.  We discussed in what way colors look different when there is less light.  Students then created an artwork of trees at night. 

Mrs. Reedlunn's class started a special 3 week art rotation.  The first week students analyzed artworks.  We focused on how often artists try to get the viewer to feel a certain emotion when viewing an artwork.  We also listened to music and discussed the emotions that different music made us feel.  The next week we looked at artworks by Claes Oldenburg and made a huge, paper burger with the whole class.  Then, the 3rd week we looked at artworks by Frieda Kahlo w/ her pet monkey.  Students discussed relationships with animals and created an animal portrait.

Last week we had our first winner's of the Art Class Smile Board sticker competition.  Mrs. Zajac's class won for having the most stickers on the smile board (kids, tell your parents how you win stickers).  The students got treats, bubble gum, prizes and got to watch a cool art movie.  The next competition is underway!

This week we're having Portfolio Day.  Students get the portfolios they made the first week of class returned to them and they fill them with their artworks that they've made so far this year.  This means artwork should be coming home!   At the end of portfolio day we watch the movies from my website.  The movies are Western Spaghetti and one about an elephant who can paint!  They are both on the cool videos page of this site if you want to watch them again.

Paddock is great!  Art is great!

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