This week I finally met all of the students for the first time.  Some classes still had to learn rules and procedures.  However, starting Wednesday we started new projects.  All of the students are exploring identity and asking themselves the question, "Who am I?".  We are exploring that this week by starting mixed-media self-portraits.   Students watch a PowerPoint presentation of famous self portraits by artists such as, VanGogh, Renoir, Yoshimoto Nara and Jacob Lawrence.  We discuss what a self-portrait is and aspects of portraits in general.  Then we read "The Colors of Us" by Karen Katz and discuss color and skin color.  After that we discuss what shapes are used for a face, shoulders and a neck.  Second graders are completing self-portraits with more detail while first graders are starting with a face and a waving hand.  Second graders also have a written assignment to complete as homework where they think about the question, "Who am I?" and come up with some words to describe themselves.
This should be an educational lesson for them and it already looks great!  Check up in a week or two on the "Student Art" page to see examples.

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