Students have recently learned about Printmaking as well as what it means to create a "Mixed Media" artwork.  My major in art school was Printmaking, so these were especially fun lessons for me!
Students are now working together on a large-scale  artwork to be displayed at the Milan Student Art Show at the Old Fire Barn May 2-4 during Discover Milan weekend.  Each student is creating a mini artwork to be incorporated into one large artwork.  Also, students are making "Exquisite Corpses".  This is an art game where 3 or 4 people work together to make one strange creature!  To play, one student draws a head on a folded piece of paper.  Then, they fold the paper so the head is hidden and pass it to the next student.  The next student draws a body and arms and refolds it so the drawing is hidden and passes it to the next student.  This goes on until everyone has drawn a section of the creature without seeing any of the other sections.  When the drawing is unfolded, hilarious creatures are revealed!
See you at the art show!

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